Optional add-on: Enhance results with the Insight Inventory strengths-based personality and behavioral style assessment. We can determine if this tool will serve your goals and needs during the client interview process.

Business Writing

Please Don’t Misunderstand Me!

Writing for Today’s Workplace

Did you know that writing is the most easily misunderstood form of communication? Strange – but true. Yet, we think “putting it in writing” will help others understand!

In this highly interactive program, attendees will:

  • Analyze writing examples (theirs or general examples)
  • Adopt a systematic approach that works for all business writing
  • Add time-saving strategies to create effective emails
  • Review the top ten image killers that sabotage understanding
  • Learn ways to save time and effort consistently
  • Write to build rapport & relationships from a distance

Business Writing

Enhance Business Writing Skills

When English is a Second Language

English is a difficult language. Grammar rules have so many exceptions even people for whom English is their native language experience difficulties. Add the differences between British English and American English and the problems increase. Transitioning from the formal English often taught in a classroom to the more informal style popular in today’s workplace can be stressful and lead to unintentional misunderstandings. Interactive exercises and writing opportunities will help attendees:

  • Understand current writing techniques to improve effectiveness
  • Identify key differences between English and their native language
  • Strengthen grammar and sentence structure skills
  • Learn ways to create a more compelling message
  • Polish their professional image and credibility

Business Writing

Strengthen Grammar and Proofreading Skills

Practical Guide to Great Writing

Even the most accurate information can get lost in a sea of poorly worded sentences. The best idea may die quickly if it’s not presented in a well-worded email or presentation. This engaging, down-to-earth program is full of tips and tricks to make grammar and writing easier – and less painful. Practical proofreading strategies will increase your ability to catch and fix errors before your reader does.

Attendees will actively participate to:

  • Identify the most damaging grammar blunders & how to fix them
  • Review good sentence structure for clear, understandable messages
  • Test their knowledge of punctuation do’s and don’ts
  • Learn to spot and correct run-on sentences and fragments
  • Answer eternal questions – Who or Whom? That or Which? Farther or further? Can I use a preposition at the end of a sentence?

Everyone attending will receive job aids for quick reference.

Business Writing

Expanded Coaching/Feedback

(Additional fee)

  • Participants submit a short writing sample prior to the program. Document will be reviewed and returned with individualized comments/suggestions.
  • Individual one-one coaching – can include in-person or web enabled personalized coaching.
  • Lab sessions: follow up opportunities for writing samples, and small-group (3-5) coaching. Usually two three-hour sessions per day, but can be customized.

Communicating Effectively

How to Communicate with ALIENS*

*“Aliens” include anyone who is different from us! If everyone were exactly like us – no problem. Right? Maybe or maybe not.

Whether at work or in life, we need to communicate and interact across generations, work styles, and personalities. It also includes those who disagree with us, don’t believe us or can’t understand what we’re trying to say. Would you agree that we all may know some Aliens?

If so, this program is for everyone in your organization. Participants will actively engage in the program in four key modules to:

  • Gain understanding of significant differences among generations currently in the workplace (and the upcoming group of GenZ’ers)
  • Focus on building win-win relationships to achieve better results
  • Learn and use techniques to communicate in challenging situations
    • Deal with difficult behaviors and emotion-driven reactions
    • Manage conflict
    • Deliver negative messages
  • Enhance persuasive and interpersonal negotiating skills

Meetings & Communication

Power Up your Meetings

Do your meetings work as hard as you do? Do they leave you and others frustrated? Do strong opinions and personalities take the meeting hostage or shut down discussion?

Power up with our Powerful Meeting Skills program!

This engaging and experiential program will be customized to meet your goals or needs.

Modules include:

  • Analysis of current meeting dynamics
  • Start right to finish strong
    • Establish focus and goals
    • Build a solid agenda
    • Invite the RIGHT people, the RIGHT way
    • Meeting location and set-up: tips and tricks
  • Facilitate the Meeting: make every minute count
    • Opening strategies
    • Manage discussion and decision-making
    • Meeting notes: easier, faster, more useful
    • Participant dynamics: deal with disruptors and conflict
    • Closing and Follow up –Important steps

Stress Management

Manage Stress Before It Manages You

How Communications Break Down and What to Do About It

Stress is a disease of choice. Every encounter or interaction could trigger a reaction feeds stress – or not. Our choices often depend upon our personal style and a menu of other factors. It’s time to take control! Stress can be beneficial or harmful. Let’s minimize the harmful with this fun and focused program.

Participants will assess their strengths and challenges with the Insight Inventory. This unique assessment recognizes that reactions and responses may change depending upon the situation.  The assessment includes both work and personal profiles. This important whole-person exercise will increase understanding of how stress, communications, productivity, and relationships are influenced.

To build a personalized toolkit for stress management, attendees will:

  • Complete the Insight Inventory and learn to identify their unique strengths and challenges.
  • Identify their SOC – situations, options, consequences – of stress reactions
  • Practice using a helpful tool to categorize options and take charge
  • Learn useful behaviors in specific types of stressful workplace situations
  • Incorporate “accessory” tools to help stress-proof inside and out

Customer Service

STARpower© - Deliver Stellar Customer Service

Delivering stellar customer service requires more than scripts and product knowledge. Service reps need heart, mind, technique, and a service attitude to deliver consistently great customer service experiences. Help your employees get everything they need to produce results!

STARpower© puts service reps where they belong – in the starring role. Using a theater theme, this engaging and highly interactive program involves attendees immediately. From behind the scenes to curtain calls, both experienced reps and new customer service providers help produce, direct, and star in their stellar production. Participants will:

  • Assess their STARpower and develop a plan to continuously improve
  • Incorporate Behind the Scenes strategies to prepare for “curtain going up”
  • Work with on-stage skills to ensure a superb performance
  • Prepare for challenging interactions with the “cast” (internal/external customers and coworkers)
  • Learn to effectively reinforce a positive impression – every time

Optional add-on: Enhance results with the INSIGHT Inventory strengths-based personality and behavioral style assessment. During the client interview process, we will determine how (or if) this tool will serve your goals and needs.

Leadership & Management

Enhance Leadership Communication

How much of your time do you spend communicating? Getting others to commit and to deliver quality work – consistently and willingly – relies largely on a leader’s or manager’s ability to communicate well in every situation, at every level and every step.

Boost communication skills for better results with this highly interactive, experiential learning event. Clients are invited to provide real-life situations for use during the session.

We will enhance leadership/management communications in five ways:

  • Identify our natural style in a variety of situations.
  • Learn to modify communications to support results we desire.
  • Use the language and delivery that builds commitment, acceptance, or buy-in.
  • Incorporate quick, useful practices for the real world.
  • Develop specialized messages for challenging situations.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence & Communication

Emotional Intelligence is a core skill of effective communications. It can turn difficult situations into positive outcomes; it can build strong relationships which withstand conflict and problems. It may determine a promotion –or not! Unlike IQ, EQ can be expanded and strengthened.

During this thought-provoking and interactive program, attendees will:

  • Expand their understanding of Emotional Intelligence & what it can do
  • Identify EQ strengths and challenges
  • Recognize how EQ affects their communications and results
  • Learn and practice specific behaviors to strengthen EQ
  • Create a personalized plan to incorporate greater EQ in their professional and personal lives.